Need a video or photo edited? Perhaps you have a collection of home videos that needs some stitching together, or maybe you have recorded yourself doing some trick shots and want a mixtape of it! Whatever you need audiovisual-wise, C's AV Service is here for you!


Need any of the following?

Photo Editing


Video Editing


CD/DVD Creation

Media Transfer

If so, you need C's AV Service!

Why Hire Us?

Cloud Storage

Upload your files directly to our site after starting your project, so don't bother with sending us drives in the mail! (Unless that's what you want to do, in which case, please do!)

Fast Completion

You services will be completed as fast as possible. Often times small jobs take less than 24 hours to be delivered!

Easy Payments

Making payments to us is easy! Once your job has been completed, simply use our Payment Center to send payment via PayPal, check, or cash!