Cameron McGehee

Audiovisual Technician, Musician, Freelancer

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Live Audio Recording

Live Event Recording

CD quality recordings of school band concerts, piano recitals, spoken events and more.

(Coming Soon) Video recording and/or stream with titles and multicam.

Church Audiovisual Services

Audio engineering, camera control and livestreaming of church services and events.

Church Audiovisual Services

Freelance Broadcast & A/V Work

Freelance Broadcast & A/V Work

Need someone to work your camera? Need someone to ride your faders? Set up you mics? Run a teleprompter? Technically direct? Anything else? I can do it!


"Real people, not actors!"

"I'm a musician, and to be honest, most sound guys where I play aren't much good...but this was good!"
- Audience Member

"What a great, fun pageant service today! I needed to join online today but I can say it communicated well and the video work made it very enjoyable online."
- Bruce R, Viewer

"Thanks for everything—I really appreciate what you do!"

"Cameron, everyone was so pleased with the mic work you did last week: THANK YOU!"
- Katie A, Supervisor of A/V Tech at the UUCA

"Cameron was above and beyond helpful - he made an audio recording of the performance and sent the audio file to me so I can send it on to my students. Much appreciated!!!...My students & their parents will appreciate this!"
- Anne B, Piano Teacher

TV Showcase

Riding the Pine Podcast


Work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend, live like they dream.