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How do I make the games work?

Make sure that Adobe Flash Player is installed, working and enabled in your browser. This is a bit of a tricky one nowadays as Flash Player has been disabled by most modern browsers, and the newer versions of Flash Player have a killswitch that makes it so you actually cannot play a single thing anymore. I'll help you fix this!

Before you install the old version of Flash Player below, you MUST make sure you have completely uninstalled any other versions of Flash Player from your computer. Follow this Windows guide or the Mac OS guide on Adobe's website to do that.

Alright, now you need to install a specific version of Flash Player, version, which is the latest version of Flash Player that does not contain the killswitch. I've got the Windows download, the Mac OS download, and the Linux download right here for you.

Now that you have the right version of Flash Player installed, you need to install and use a browser that still supports Flash Player. That is, even if you install the correct version of Flash Player, you will still be unable to play Flash Player games if you are using a modern browser that has disabled it for security reasons. Google Chrome is a good example of this. I recommend Waterfox or Waterfox Classic, a fork of Firefox 56 that still supports Flash Player with no problems.

And that's it - You should be able to load up any game on this site if you follow the above instructions!

Is my progress kept after I leave and come back to a game?

If the specific game allows you to save progress (this is up to the developer of the game and not me), it will be saved as a file on your computer (these are harmless). Your progress will be saved on that computer and that computer only unless you move the file to a different computer.

On Windows, your savegames are stored at either

On Mac, your savegames are stored at

Flash save files are stored in .sol format, and can be transferred between different computers (regardless of operating system) as long as the files are in the correct folders. More on how to manage savegames will be posted later!

If you are looking for some cheaty fun, you can edit your savegames using the online editor.

What Games are in the Queue?

The queue can be viewed here.


How to Play Downloaded Games

In order to run .swf games on your local computer, you must first have a media player that can run Flash files. Media players that are known to work with .swf files are:

However, some games require that they be run in a web server environment in order to function properly. These games are recommended to either just be played on the site, or if you know how to set up a local web server, you may host them on that and open the URL with a media player that supports it.